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Colonel Sanders Joins the Battle: KFC’s Iconic Figure Takes on Street Fighter 6

Colonel Sanders in Street Fighter 6

Discover the exciting news as Colonel Sanders becomes a playable character in the highly anticipated Street Fighter 6 video game. Unleash your fighting skills, unlock a chance to win KFC gift cards, and enjoy a mouthwatering bucket of chicken while immersing yourself in this unique crossover.

In the realm of restaurant mascots that have transcended their original purpose and achieved pop culture status, Colonel Sanders of KFC holds a special place. Unlike his fictional counterparts, Colonel Sanders was a real person with a fascinating life story, making him a unique figure in the world of food mascots.

Now, Colonel Sanders adds another accolade to his list of achievements. In the upcoming release of “Street Fighter 6,” the iconic Colonel Sanders will be a playable character, joining the ranks of legendary fighters in this popular video game franchise. Since its inception in 1987, Street Fighter has captivated gamers worldwide, and the inclusion of Colonel Sanders is generating significant buzz.

You could win a whopping $50 from KFC if you play as Colonel Sanders in Street Fighter 6:

While it may be tempting to imagine Colonel Sanders battling opponents with a frying pan in hand, it’s worth noting that the Street Fighter version of Colonel Sanders focuses solely on his combat prowess, omitting his culinary skills. Nonetheless, the opportunity to step into the digital shoes of the beloved Colonel is an exciting prospect for fans of both KFC and Street Fighter.

Adding to the excitement, KFC Canada has launched a special promotion in conjunction with Street Fighter 6. Players who select Colonel Sanders as their character and use the code WFFCHCV5A will have a chance to win a $50 KFC gift card. To participate, players are encouraged to share a video of their gameplay on social media, showcasing their skills and possibly even incorporating an 11-point combo as a nod to KFC’s famous secret spice blend.

Colonel Sanders in Street Fighter 6

The giveaway is open to residents of Canada aged 18 and above, with entries being accepted from July 7 to July 31. Participants are required to tag KFC Canada in their posts to be eligible for the prize. Following the contest’s conclusion, 50 lucky winners will receive KFC gift cards, providing the perfect excuse to indulge in a delectable meal while enjoying a game night with friends.

Although the giveaway is exclusive to Canadian residents, KFC fans worldwide can still celebrate this unique collaboration. Whether it’s savoring a bucket of finger-licking good chicken or engaging in friendly banter about Colonel Sanders’ newfound street fighting skills, there’s plenty to enjoy. So gather your loved ones, fire up your favorite video game console, and immerse yourself in the exciting world where Colonel Sanders takes on Street Fighter 6.

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