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Costco Delights Shoppers with the Arrival of Blackstone Griddles

Blackstone Griddles Are Finally At Costco

Barbecuing and outdoor cooking enthusiasts, rejoice! Costco has made a thrilling announcement that will make your summer gatherings even more enjoyable. The highly sought-after Blackstone 36-inch griddle is now available at Costco, allowing you to whip up all your favorite barbecue and pool-party dishes with ease. Thanks to a video uploaded by Laura of @costcohotfinds, the news has spread like wildfire on TikTok.

As the summer heats up, there’s no better time to invest in a versatile and high-quality griddle. Whether you’re sizzling up burgers, grilling vegetables, or flipping pancakes, the Blackstone griddle promises to deliver outstanding results and elevate your outdoor cooking experience.

With Costco’s unbeatable offer, you can now bring home this exceptional griddle and become the ultimate grill master among your friends and family.

Prepare to create mouthwatering dishes, savor delicious flavors, and enjoy unforgettable moments with loved ones as you embark on a culinary journey with the Blackstone griddle from Costco. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your summer cookouts truly extraordinary.

Head to your nearest Costco location and embrace the sizzle and sear of Blackstone griddles today!

The Perfect Griddle at an Unbeatable Price

Laura’s video showcases the features and incredible value of the Blackstone griddle available at Costco. Priced at just $399.99, this 36-inch griddle comes equipped with a convenient hood, foldable side shelves, and ample storage space for utensils and paper towels.

It truly is the epitome of griddle perfection.

Laura herself couldn’t contain her excitement, describing it as the nicest Blackstone griddle she has ever seen and praising its excellent price point.

Blackstone Griddles Are Finally At Costco

Comparing Prices: Finding the Best Deal

While many viewers expressed their enthusiasm for the Costco offer, some pointed out that the Blackstone griddle can be found at lower prices elsewhere.

Walmart, for instance, currently offers a 4-burner, 36-inch Blackstone griddle for only $297.

Additionally, they have a version of the griddle that includes an attached air fryer for $697. On Amazon, the same griddle is listed at a higher price of $413.19.

Interestingly, the Blackstone website matches Costco’s price, selling the griddle for $399.

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The Value of Costco’s Return Policy

One astute shopper who commented on @costcohotfind’s Instagram post highlighted an important consideration when comparing prices: the store’s return policy.

They mentioned purchasing the same model from Lowe’s for a similar price but expressed their preference for buying it from Costco due to the store’s renowned return policy.

This insight underscores the added benefits of shopping at Costco, where customer satisfaction is a top priority.

Get Griddling and Make the Most of Summer

With the arrival of Blackstone griddles at Costco, there’s no need to fret if you missed out on grilling during the Fourth of July weekend. You now have the perfect opportunity to elevate your outdoor cooking game and create memorable culinary experiences all summer long.

Don’t miss out on this exciting deal—head to your nearest Costco and bring home the Blackstone griddle that will take your barbecues to the next level.

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