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Grubhub+ Relaunch: Enhanced Perks and Savings for Subscribers


Grubhub, the renowned food delivery service, is making significant strides with the relaunch of its Grubhub+ subscription program, designed to entice more customers to join. Over the past year, the company has been offering a series of enticing incentives to attract new subscribers, including providing free Grubhub+ subscriptions to Amazon Prime members during Prime Day sales.

Now, Grubhub is unveiling an array of exciting new perks for its subscription members, making the program even more appealing and valuable.

Lower Service Fees and Pick-up Credit

In a recent press release, Grubhub announced that Grubhub+ subscribers will enjoy the advantage of lower service fees, making food delivery an even more budget-friendly option for them. This means that subscribers can save more on their orders, adding to the value of the program.

Additionally, subscribers who choose pick-up instead of delivery will be rewarded with a 5% credit, encouraging users to consider this option and explore different ways to enjoy their favorite meals.

“Gold Status” Partnership with Shell

In a strategic collaboration, Grubhub has partnered with Shell, a leading gas company, to offer Grubhub+ members an exclusive “gold status” in the Fuels Reward program. As a result, subscribers will enjoy unique benefits at Shell gas stations, including significant savings of 5 cents per gallon on their fuel purchases.

This partnership provides an unexpected yet valuable dimension to the subscription program, extending the benefits beyond the realm of food delivery.


More Rewards on the Horizon

Grubhub is committed to enhancing the subscriber experience further and has exciting plans for more rewards and benefits. In the press release, Launika Raykar, VP of loyalty at Grubhub, hinted at upcoming “milestone rewards” and “month-long member savings.” While specific details about these rewards are yet to be disclosed, the company is focused on providing subscribers with even more reasons to enjoy the program.

Grubhub understands that customers expect reciprocity from loyalty programs and aims to exceed those expectations. With these additional rewards, Grubhub+ members can look forward to saving an estimated average of 20% each month.

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Grubhub+: Past and Present

Grubhub+ made its debut in February 2020, offering $10 cashback for every $100 spent. While this particular benefit has since been discontinued, other perks that Grubhub+ members receive have remained unchanged. These include free deliveries for orders exceeding $12 from any restaurant, liquor store, or convenience store.

Grubhub is also committed to making a positive impact with its ‘Donate the Change’ program, allowing diners to round up their bills and donate the difference to charity. What’s more, Grubhub matches these donations, amplifying the impact of its subscribers’ generosity and fostering a sense of community.

Strategic Partnerships for Enhanced Benefits

To expand its reach and attract a wider audience, Grubhub has forged strategic partnerships with various companies, enhancing its subscription program with exclusive perks. For example, Lyft Pink and Bank of America offer their members and cardholders free one-year Grubhub+ subscriptions, providing added value to their customers.

Homewood Suites by Hilton has also collaborated with Grubhub, offering guests a free month of the subscription service and a convenient way to order food at hotels without on-site dining options. Grubhub continues to explore new avenues, such as its partnership with Starship Technologies to utilize robots for food delivery on school campuses. These innovative collaborations demonstrate Grubhub’s dedication to customer satisfaction and its commitment to staying ahead of the curve in the food delivery industry.

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Embracing the Future of Food Delivery

Grubhub’s initiatives extend beyond the present, with a keen eye on the future of food delivery. By embracing partnerships and technologies that pave the way for more efficient and convenient services, Grubhub is well-positioned to remain a leader in the industry. The company’s willingness to innovate, explore novel solutions, and cater to its customers’ evolving needs is what sets it apart and keeps it at the forefront of the food delivery market.

With its enticing relaunch, Grubhub+ is poised to attract even more subscribers and solidify its position as a leading food delivery service offering unmatched benefits and savings for its loyal customers.

The introduction of lower service fees, the 5% pick-up credit, and the “gold status” partnership with Shell add substantial value to the program. Grubhub’s dedication to rewarding its subscribers is evident with the promise of future rewards and savings. As Grubhub continues to innovate and form strategic alliances, its subscription program is sure to remain a valuable resource for customers seeking exceptional dining experiences and cost-effective food delivery solutions.

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