How Vernors Became Detroit’s Beloved Ginger Soda


Every city has its own hidden treasures, and for Detroit, Michigan, one such gem is Vernors – a ginger-based carbonated beverage that has become a local obsession. While Vernors is little known outside of Detroit, it holds an iconic status within the city. The story of Vernors begins with James Vernor, a pharmacist renowned for his meticulous approach to creating beverages. His ginger concoction captured the hearts of Detroit residents and grew alongside the city, solidifying its place in the hearts of locals.

Back in 1866, James Vernor first introduced his ginger-infused drink at the soda fountain of his pharmacy. The unique flavor of Vernors came about almost accidentally, as Vernor left the beverage in a barrel while he served in the Civil War. Upon his return, the drink had matured and acquired a delightful taste that set it apart. As time went on, Vernor’s dedication to perfecting his creation led him to establish a dedicated bottling plant, making the transition from pharmacy owner to soda pop manufacturer.


Vernors’ popularity in Detroit goes beyond just being a delicious soda. The residents of Detroit believe it holds medicinal properties, particularly as a remedy for nausea. It’s no wonder that the soda gained a humorous depiction in a YouTube clip from the sitcom Detroiters, where a character seeks relief from an upset stomach with a Vernors. As it turns out, ginger has long been used as a home remedy for nausea, making Vernors both a tasty and practical choice for Detroiters.

While Vernors did expand its production beyond Detroit, the city’s connection to the drink remains strong. Even though it is now manufactured by Dr. Pepper Corporation, Vernors is still cherished by Detroiters as an iconic part of their heritage.

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Recently, Vernors made headlines with an exciting announcement: the release of a highly anticipated black cherry flavor. Originally developed over 50 years ago, this variation was briefly released last year, much to the delight of Vernors fans. Now, the black cherry flavor is back, available in select retailers throughout Michigan and Toledo, OH. Early reviews have been promising, with the new flavor offering a delightful blend of cherry goodness and the signature Vernors fizz, complemented by a hint of ginger.

While Vernors may not be a household name across the nation, its deep-rooted connection to Detroit and the passionate fan base it has cultivated over the years are testaments to the power of regional favorites. With the release of the black cherry flavor, Vernors continues to charm Detroiters and prove that a local treasure can capture hearts and taste buds with enduring appeal.

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