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Discover the Hidden Gems: Where to Find KFC Buffet Locations

KFC Buffet

When it comes to enjoying a finger-licking good meal at KFC, most Americans picture themselves in a food court or a standalone restaurant. However, there’s a secret world within the realm of Colonel Sanders’ fried chicken empire—a world where KFC buffets still exist.

These hidden treasures, reminiscent of the classic 1990s buffet experience, offer a delightful opportunity for indecisive diners to savor a variety of items from the KFC menu. In this article, we’ll unveil the truth about these elusive buffet locations and guide you to where you can still find them.

The Rise and Decline of KFC Buffets: Back in the 1980s, KFC introduced buffet-style restaurants alongside their fast-service options. The concept was a hit, allowing guests to sample a range of delectable dishes.

However, as time went on, a broader industry shift away from buffets led KFC to transition primarily to drive-thru and single-point service-based locations. While this trend prevailed, a few KFC buffet restaurants managed to survive, much to the delight of devoted fans.

KFC Buffet

Where Are KFC Buffet Locations?

Finding a KFC buffet location can be a challenge, as they remain relatively secretive. COVID-19 dining restrictions in 2020 resulted in the closure of many KFC buffets. Despite the lifting of restrictions, several locations have yet to reopen their beloved buffets due to staffing limitations.

Although the official KFC website won’t provide the necessary information, a group of dedicated bloggers and online communities have taken it upon themselves to uncover the whereabouts of these hidden buffets.

Mary Catherine Blog and the Facebook group “KFC Buffet Aficionados” have emerged as valuable resources for locating KFC buffet restaurants. Mary Catherine Blog, in particular, has diligently researched and revealed several buffet locations.

Meanwhile, “KFC Buffet Aficionados” on Facebook offers a treasure trove of information, including a comprehensive database of KFC buffets across the United States and beyond.

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Unveiling the Hidden Gems: After extensive research, we can confirm that a handful of KFC buffets still exist, albeit in limited numbers and scattered locations. Here are the four known KFC buffet locations:

  1. Pigeon Forge, Tennessee: Nestled in the scenic beauty of Tennessee, this KFC buffet enchants locals and visitors alike with its bountiful spread of fried chicken and assorted side dishes.
  2. Louisville, Kentucky: In the birthplace of KFC, a buffet still graces the city with its presence. Enjoy the Colonel’s classic recipes in an all-you-can-eat format, paying homage to the brand’s rich heritage.
  3. Waynesboro, Virginia: This charming town is home to another hidden gem—a KFC buffet that offers a haven for buffet enthusiasts seeking the perfect blend of southern hospitality and finger-licking goodness.
  4. Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada: Crossing borders, we find a KFC buffet that showcases the international appeal of Colonel Sanders’ culinary legacy. Indulge in a buffet experience that combines Canadian charm with the iconic flavors of KFC.

While the days of KFC buffets may seem like distant memories for most, a select few locations still uphold the tradition. Although shrouded in secrecy, dedicated bloggers and online communities have come together to reveal the remaining KFC buffet locations. The buffet experience allows patrons to savor a diverse array of KFC’s mouthwatering dishes.

So, if you find yourself in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee; Louisville, Kentucky; Waynesboro, Virginia; or Weyburn, Saskatchewan, make sure to embark on a culinary adventure and rediscover the joy of the KFC buffet.

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