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McDonald’s Tempts Taste Buds in Croatia with a Seafood Surprise


When it comes to Croatian cuisine, seafood takes the spotlight, distinguishing it from its sister country Serbia. With its picturesque coastline along the Adriatic Sea, the Mediterranean influence is evident. Interestingly, this emphasis on seafood seems to have made its way even into the realm of fast food, as revealed in a TikTok video shared by a group of intrigued tourists.

The tourists, likely American judging by their accents, stumbled upon a surprising item on the menu at a McDonald’s in Croatia: shrimp. While a few fast food chains in the U.S. offer shrimp, it’s not a common sight at Mickey D’s. With a sense of adventure, the TikTok tourists decided to give it a try, accompanied by the orange cocktail sauce that came with it.

Their reactions were mixed, with two members of the group praising it as “so good!” and “delicious, dee-lish-us!” while a slightly less impressed member settled for “pretty good.” Would you be willing to give it a taste? Although we’re curious, we can’t help but wonder if it can rival the acclaimed Cajun Crispy Shrimp from Popeyes.


While the shrimp may have been a limited-time offer as per the dated TikTok video from 2022, it appears they are no longer on the menu. However, the Croatian McDonald’s still features the classic Filet-O-Fish, which is identical to its American counterpart. As for the rest of the menu, it largely resembles the offerings in the U.S., with burgers and fries taking center stage.

Nevertheless, there are a few unique items such as the hot chili beef burger and a vegan burger, along with the intriguingly named Big Tasty, reminiscent of both the Quarter Pounder and the Big N’Tasty burger from the ’90s. Interestingly, unlike its American counterpart, the Croatian menu retains salads, a notable difference since U.S. McDonald’s dropped them during the pandemic and never brought them back.

With the influence of Pope Francis advocating for the return of fish consumption every Friday among Catholics, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Filet-O-Fish gains even more popularity in Croatia. Perhaps, in the future, McDonald’s in Croatia will introduce new seafood items alongside their classic offerings. Until then, seafood enthusiasts will have to satisfy their cravings with the timeless favorite—McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish.

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