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The Crucial and Often Overlooked Step in Achieving Perfectly Grilled Kebabs


Kebabs present a delightful departure from conventional grill fare, such as burgers, hot dogs, or various cuts of steak. The amalgamation of meats, vegetables, and other grillable items offers a delectable and well-balanced meal for those idyllic summer cookouts. Nonetheless, numerous individuals fail to heed one pivotal step that can significantly influence the final outcome.

The key lies in the simple act of soaking the wooden skewers before use. Immerse them in cool water for at least 20 minutes prior to threading them with ingredients. This allows ample time for the wood to fully absorb the water, creating a protective barrier that prevents the skewers from catching fire when exposed to the grill’s heat.

Unsoaked skewers are susceptible to quick ignition under the intense flames, leading to the scorching of food or the disintegration of the kebabs. In contrast, soaked skewers can withstand the heat longer, ensuring that you can complete the cooking process without any unforeseen flare-ups.


Naturally, this advice only applies to those employing wooden skewers. For those using reusable metal skewers, soaking is unnecessary, although grill chefs should still handle them with care to avoid burns.

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Achieving superb kebabs through proper preparation

For those planning to make kebabs a regular feature in their grilling sessions, investing in metal skewers is a wise choice. However, for those who wish to experiment with the dish, wooden skewers are more cost-effective and therefore a better option. Just remember to soak them in water before use.

There are other simple yet effective techniques that can elevate your kebab cooking. Ensuring that the ingredients are roughly the same size and shape is crucial, as this promotes even cooking on the skewer. Additionally, leave some space between each piece to facilitate efficient circulation of hot air.

One of the most common mistakes when grilling kebabs is placing the meat and vegetables on the same skewer, which can lead to difficulties in ensuring that all pieces are done at the same time without overcooking any. Instead, categorize them by type, granting you greater control over the doneness of each component.

If you desire to preserve the attractive presentation of meat and veggies together, you can re-skewer the pieces using decorative skewers. By keeping these straightforward yet valuable tips in mind, you’ll unlock the secrets to creating kebabs that will entice people to linger around the grill, craving more of your culinary delights.

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