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Scoring Free Chipotle Bowls: Celebrating USWNT’s Women’s World Cup Journey

Scoring Free Chipotle Bowls USWNT

The highly anticipated Women’s World Cup has kicked off in Australia and New Zealand, and as soccer fans around the world tune in to watch their favorite teams compete, Chipotle is joining in on the celebration. As an official partner of U.S. Soccer, Chipotle has brought back its exciting “Bowls for Goals” promotion to honor the U.S. Women’s National Team (USWNT). This special offer gives fans the chance to score free Chipotle bowls whenever the USWNT scores a tying, break-away, or lead-extending goal during the Group Stage of the tournament.

To claim this mouthwatering deal, all you need to do is keep an eye on the USWNT’s Twitter account. Once the U.S. team scores an eligible goal, they will tweet a unique code. Be among the first 2,500 people to text that code to 888222, and you’ll receive instructions on how to redeem your free entrée digitally. It’s a race against time, so you’ll want to be quick on your fingers to savor the delicious reward. Do note that any add-ons like extra rice might not be included in the promotion.

Scoring Free Chipotle Bowls USWNT

This is not the first time Chipotle has indulged in soccer-fueled excitement to treat its customers. The “Bowls for Goals” promotion made its debut during the 2022 Men’s World Cup, where Chipotle gave away 5,000 free entrées for every U.S. goal scored. The response was phenomenal, prompting the chain to bring back the promotion for the Women’s World Cup. However, this time around, there are 2,500 free entrées up for grabs, making the competition even more intense. If you’re eager to seize this delectable opportunity, make sure you’re ready to text swiftly and show your support for the USWNT.

The stakes are high, not just for Chipotle fans looking to snag a free bowl but also for the U.S. Women’s National Team, who enter the tournament as strong favorites. The team is seeking to secure their third consecutive World Cup title and make history with a “three-peat.” While they have their sights set on victory, they face stiff competition within their group and some players are battling injuries. Yet, with the team’s determination and talent, they are poised to deliver thrilling performances throughout the tournament, creating ample opportunities for fans to score those free Chipotle bowls.

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As you tune in to cheer for the USWNT, Chipotle adds a touch of culinary creativity with limited-time World Cup-themed bowls. Collaborating with two stars from the team, Rose Lavelle and Sophia Smith, Chipotle introduces their favorite bowl orders as the Rose Lavelle Bowl and the Sophia Smith Bowl. These entrées are inspired by the players’ personal tastes, making them a unique and tasty way to support the team.

The Women’s World Cup journey for the USWNT begins with a match against Vietnam on July 21, followed by group matches against Portugal and the Netherlands. Regardless of the final outcome, the team’s skill and determination are bound to result in thrilling goals. So, get ready to celebrate and enjoy your free Chipotle bowl as you watch the USWNT take the soccer world by storm. As the competition heats up on the field, don’t miss your chance to savor the flavor of victory with Chipotle’s “Bowls for Goals” promotion.

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