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The Secret to Keeping Tomatoes Fresh for Longer


When it’s tomato season, the abundance of fresh varieties at gardens and farmers’ markets is a delight for culinary enthusiasts. From Romas to cherries to heirlooms, the options seem endless, tempting us to stock up on these juicy delights. However, without proper storage, ripe tomatoes can quickly turn soft and even rotten, leading to disappointment and waste. But fear not, there’s a simple storage hack that can keep your tomatoes fresh for way longer than you might expect.

The Upside-Down Storage Hack for Fresh Tomatoes

To preserve the freshness of your tomatoes, try storing them upside down, with the scars from their stems facing downward. This might seem counterintuitive since we’re used to seeing tomatoes stored with their stems up. However, this clever trick prevents them from losing moisture, which is the main culprit behind wrinkling and spoilage. By following this easy hack, you can ensure your fresh tomatoes maintain their best taste and texture for an extended period without any extra effort or tools.


You might wonder how storing tomatoes upside down actually preserves moisture. Well, it’s all about the stem area. Tomatoes lose moisture through their stems, which leads to wrinkling and weight loss. Food columnist and author J. Kenji López-Alt conducted an experiment for Serious Eats where he stored tomatoes in pairs, one with the stem up and the other with the stem down. The result was clear—the tomatoes stored with the stems down remained fresh, while the ones stored with the stems up started to wrinkle and lose moisture.

To achieve the same preservation effect, some people use a piece of tape to cover the stem area and prevent moisture from escaping. This, too, can keep tomatoes fresh. However, storing them upside down is a simpler and equally effective method that doesn’t require additional steps.

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More tomato preservation tips

Aside from the upside-down storage hack, there are other tips to keep your tomatoes fresh and delicious for as long as possible. Firstly, consider when you plan to consume the tomatoes. If you’ll be using them within a day or two, opt for ripe ones. However, if you don’t plan to use them immediately, choose underripe tomatoes that can ripen on the countertop in a few days.

Contrary to popular belief, you can refrigerate ripe tomatoes if you don’t intend to use them within a few days. According to Lester Schonberger, a researcher at Virginia Tech, tomatoes can be refrigerated for up to three days without significant loss of flavor. After that point, their taste might degrade. To fully enjoy their flavor, let the refrigerated tomatoes return to room temperature before serving.

In conclusion, with a bit of mindful selection and proper storage, you can make the most of tomato season and enjoy these delicious fruits for a little longer. By following the upside-down storage hack, choosing underripe tomatoes, and employing brief refrigeration for ripe ones, you can keep your tomatoes fresh and flavorful, adding a burst of taste to your culinary creations.

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