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The Truth Behind Costco’s Irresistible Rotisserie Chickens

Rotisserie Chickens

We all have those days when our stomachs feel a bit uneasy, or we find ourselves making frequent trips to the bathroom. For Costco enthusiasts who regularly indulge in the wholesaler’s offerings, the culprit behind these unsettling feelings seems to be their beloved rotisserie chicken.

It’s hard to resist the mouthwatering aroma of the golden-brown, rotating chickens that pervade the warehouse. However, many Costco members have been left regretting their dinner choice after experiencing gastrointestinal distress later on. Concerned Reddit users have taken to the r/Costco subreddit to share their experiences, with one lamenting, “The rotisserie chicken gives us diarrhea every single time.” Another commenter expressed similar concerns, saying, “This chicken upsets my stomach.

I feel like I taste chemicals in the brine or something. Is it just me?” Yet another user mentioned that the issue might not be location-specific, sharing, “It doesn’t matter the state—I’ve had the chicken in 3 states, and it’s all the same. The preservatives (or something) they use in the rotisserie chicken make my stomach upset. A family member vomits every time.” Some users advised checking the chicken’s label to identify potential culprits for their GI problems.

Rotisserie Chickens

A potential suspect that has been pointed out by several Reddit users is carrageenan, a specific ingredient used in Costco’s rotisserie chickens. Carrageenan is a food additive derived from red seaweed and is commonly employed as a thickening agent.

Although there is currently limited scientific evidence to definitively prove its impact on the digestive system, many people have reported discomfort after consuming foods containing carrageenan, experiencing issues like irritable bowels, indigestion, and bloating. In a humorous Reddit exchange, one user quipped, “Ironically it doesn’t thicken your bowel movements.”

The presence of big, unfamiliar words like carrageenan can understandably worry conscientious shoppers. However, rest assured that carrageenan is considered food safe and has not been linked to severe side effects such as cancer. Misinformation spread through social media platforms, including TikTok, led to concerns about the additive’s safety. Nevertheless, reputable news outlets like Insider clarified that these claims lacked credibility and that carrageenan is well-regulated by the US authorities, posing no cancer risk when ingested.

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The only adverse effect reported by some rotisserie chicken consumers is occasional digestive discomfort, but that hasn’t deterred many fans from continuing to purchase it. If you’re one of those who have experienced tummy troubles after consuming Costco’s rotisserie chicken, consider keeping some Tums handy after your meal, just to be on the safe side.

In conclusion, while Costco’s rotisserie chicken remains a beloved and popular item for many shoppers, some have experienced digestive discomfort that they attribute to certain additives like carrageenan. As with any food item, individual reactions may vary, and it’s essential to stay informed about the ingredients we consume.

Carrageenan itself has been deemed safe by regulatory authorities, despite the circulating misinformation. If you find yourself with an uneasy stomach after enjoying this flavorful chicken, consider exploring alternative options or taking precautionary measures to ensure a more comfortable dining experience. Happy shopping and bon appétit!

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