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Hot Ones Wing Delivery Expanding to More Cities Permanently

Hot Ones Wing

Attention all spice enthusiasts and chicken wing lovers! If you’ve ever watched “Hot Ones,” the acclaimed YouTube talk show featuring celebrity guests devouring fiery chicken wings, you’re in for a treat. At the end of June, “Hot Ones” celebrated its 300th episode by offering New York fans a limited-time wing and chicken sandwich delivery service.

The response was overwhelming, and now, due to popular demand, First We Feast, the parent company of Hot Ones, has decided to make the service permanent in New York and beyond. Get ready for a nationwide heat wave as the Hot Ones wing delivery may soon be coming to a city near you!

From Limited-Time to Permanent: Hot Ones Expands Its Wings

What started as a special offer to celebrate the 300th episode of “Hot Ones” has now evolved into a permanent fixture for New Yorkers and beyond. First We Feast, the visionary brand behind the show, has officially announced that the Hot Ones wing delivery service is here to stay in New York and is set to expand to other cities. The exciting news was unveiled on July 29, in honor of National Chicken Wing Day, along with plans to introduce the fiery chicken wing experience to the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, and beyond.

According to Chris Schonberger, First We Feast Creator and General Manager, the overwhelming response from fans during the limited-time promotion was the driving force behind the decision to make the delivery service permanent. So, whether you’re a seasoned “Hot Ones” aficionado or a daring spice enthusiast looking to embark on a new culinary adventure, get ready to savor the iconic Hot Ones experience from the comfort of your own home.

Hot Ones Wing

A Spicy Culinary Adventure: Bringing Hot Ones Home

Now that the Hot Ones wing delivery service is here to stay, fans can relish the thrill of indulging in the signature spicy chicken wings without ever leaving their homes. The menu offers tantalizing options, including six or twelve-piece chicken wing meals, and mouth-watering chicken sandwiches—each generously drenched in Hot Ones’ trio of iconic sauces: Los Calientes Rojo, Classic Chili Maple, and Classic Garlic Fresno.

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To elevate the experience further, patrons can pair their fiery wings with a side of delicious french fries to create the ultimate mouth-watering meal. And for those seeking a delightful post-spice treat, Hot Ones is also offering a delectable apple fritter topped with sweet milk, a perfect way to cool off after indulging in the heat.

The Hot Ones wing delivery service is set to revolutionize the way spice enthusiasts and foodies experience the iconic “Hot Ones” flavor. From New York to Philadelphia and beyond, the fiery culinary adventure is just a few clicks away, thanks to the collaboration with Mealco’s virtual restaurant technology.

So, embrace the spice and savor the thrill of “Hot Ones” in the comfort of your own home. Get ready to embark on a culinary journey like no other, where every bite brings the perfect balance of heat and flavor, inspired by the legendary “Hot Ones” talk show. Stay tuned for the heatwave coming to a city near you, as the Hot Ones wing delivery spreads its wings across the nation!

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